Three Glamorous And Cruelty-Free Evening Wear Outfits

Three Glamorous And Cruelty-Free Evening Wear Outfits


How much shine do you need from your evening wear outfits?

I have prepared 3 vegan looks all with a different level and type of glamour.

Choose your own.

Look 1: Textured

Combining various textures in our outfits is an instrument to present your personality as a multi-layered one.

This look welcomes jewellery either a few statements rings or a pair of geometric, massive earrings.

Look 2: Moderate Shine

If you want to shine on New Year’s Eve party, opt for this silk-chiffon dress.

The pattern on the dress resonates with the embroidery on the clutch and with the print on the coat.

Look 3: Extreme Shine

A simple dress with Swarovski crystals is in any case less shiny than a dress with Swarovski crystals and LEDs.

So, if you need to be the star on New Year’s Eve, this dress is just the right one.

To add mystery and balance, we combine Marlene dress with a structured and almost ascetic black coat.

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