The Day I Fell In Love With Balluta Vegan Luxury Shoes

For the last five years or so, I’ve been actively interested in living a more conscious lifestyle.

After several trials, some successful, some failed, I’ve decided that a conscious lifestyle is built on protecting people, animals and the environment.

However, I had a serious problem and didn’t know how to solve it.

Loved my luxury fashion, my rare collection of jackets and especially, my shoes.

So if I had to embark on this conscious lifestyle journey, I didn’t mind at all giving up on meat, milk, eggs, and all other animal-based produces.

Why? Because there were tones of vegan alternatives out there, some tastier than anything I’ve tried before.

Couldn’t Find Vegan Shoes For My Style

Similarly, I’ve shifted to organic and cruelty-free cosmetics for some time now.

However, it wasn’t food or the make-up that was causing me problems.

What was bothering me a lot was the lack of luxurious fashion I was going to wear, shoes in particular.

Most of the offers on the market were plasticky, looking cheap, or out of style.

So very soon it became evident that I don’t have many options to choose from, especially when it came to my ‘shoe obsession’.

But, that was going to change, and change fast.

When Vegan Jokes Change Lives

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I was home in my New York condo, overlooking the river and enjoying the sunset.

For some strange reason, my mobile started buzzing.

I looked at the screen and saw a message from Amber, a childhood friend: “There you go, I’ve found you a perfect brand of luxury vegan shoes.”

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link she sent me.

Of course, it was another joke; this time a pair of shoes made of paper.

She knew how obsessed I was with finding some shoes that I could trust to replace my extensive collection.

Cruelty-free, vegan, yet luxurious shoes that I can wear with pride and love.

But out of her joke, it came the unexpected.

Balluta Vegan Luxury Shoes

Right on the comments, someone was recommending Balluta shoes.

The only thing the message was saying was:

“Vegan luxury shoes? Can’t go wrong with Balluta.”

So I thought, let’s see what this ‘Balluta’ thingy is.

After one hour of googling and searching, I was in love with Balluta and their shoes.

Made by gorgeous blends of traditional concepts and alternative materials, it became evident that these shoes were redefining the essence of conscious fashion.

Balluta shoes are ethical, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free.

These were values are very dear to me.

Needles to say, I was sold on Balluta.

Ever since I’ve ordered several Balluta shoes, some for my adventurous evenings, some for timeless and romantic dates, and others for that extra level of extravagance.

The shoes have this hard to explain, a unique combination of artistic spirit and exquisite level of craftsmanship.

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