There’s nothing fashionable in killing animals or poisoning of our planet.

Contemporary luxury fashion is ethical, eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

It is made with respect for people, animals, and the planet.

Limited Edition Luxury Fashion

Limited Edition

In fashion, the term ‘limited edition’ describes closed or serialised creations. With exclusive features, design elements, and distinctive decorative details usually not found in the brand’s regular lines, limited-editions increase in value as the time passes by.

Very much sought by brand collectors, limited editions hold intrinsic value through scarcity, which indirectly grants them sustainability touch by placing them at the antipodes of fast-fashion.

Bespoke Luxury Fashion Icon


Bespoke, tailored, or made to order describe creations designed according to the customer’s specific measurements and requirements such as material choices, shapes, textures, and style, colours, and other particular elements in the making of the final product.

Given the ‘on-demand’ nature, made to order creations reduce material waste, excess production, customer exchanges and returns, as the work starts only after the final details are mutually agreed.

Gender Free

The term ‘gender-fluid’ describes to a person who identifies as genderless, gender-free, non-gendered, or agender (a=without) or has chosen not to be defined by gender identity.

Beyond the exquisite richness gender fluids bring to the world of fashion, the freedom of shifting between styles and creations adds tremendously to the industry’s diversity and societal sustainability.

Artisanal Luxury Fashion Icon


Also defined as ‘haute-couture’, from the French ‘high-dressmaking,’ artisanal creations are exclusively made by hand from start to finish by exceptionally skilled local craftsmen.

Apart from the little waste created during the manufacturing process, each ‘artisanal’ product carries the artisan’s unique emotional impression and style, in a celebration of local communities and their traditional crafts.

Eco-friendly Luxury Fashion


Eco-friendly or environmentally friendly fashion describe creations free from plastics, toxic chemicals, and pesticides. Fashion that nurtures and protect the environment rather than polluting and destroying it.

Made with natural and biodegradable fabrics such as Tencel, closed-loop viscose, linen, hemp, pineapple, mushrooms, and even lab-made materials, eco-friendly fashion produces minimal waste and requires low energy and water.



Upcycling is the process of granting the fashion industry’s manufacturing by-products, unused garments, and discarded materials with new ‘lives’ and reshape them into unique luxury haute-couture creations.

Creations reimagined for the contemporary social context and times, these pieces of conscious fashion are original stylistic sources of inspiration and creativity, and the safest route to reducing our environmental impact.

Vegan Luxury Fashion Icon


Guided by a deep belief that there is no room for animal exploitation in luxury fashion, Wardrobe of Tomorrow carefully selects its resident designers for their progressive, compassionate, and cruelty-free approach.

However, as some designers have completely removed animal-based materials from their creations, the ‘vegan’ tag describes fashion that contains no leather, fur, wool, skin, exotic skins or any other animal-derived materials.

Philanthropy In Luxury Fashion


Encapsulating various facets of humanitarianism, ‘philanthropy’ purports the love of humanity. In fashion, philanthropy efforts are substantiated mostly through generous monetary donations in support of noble causes.

Philanthropy work includes the protection of animals and their habitats, support for local communities and vulnerable groups, and donations for developments relating to the welfare of society and the surrounding environment.

Smart Tech


A new world of 3D printed garments with sustainable inks, AI designed dresses, handbags with smart-screens, and layers of mixed reality are blending into the fashion creations of tomorrow.

Wardrobe of Tomorrow uncovers and brings them to the general public as the fastest way to an equally marvellous and sustainable future.