Three Casual Vegan Trainers Loved By Royals and Celebrities Worldwide

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Spotting vegan trainers, which are both stylish and functional, was a serious challenge not too long ago.

Nowadays, a new trend of ethically manufactured vegan sneakers has emerged. It is fueled by celebrities from around the world that seek to contribute to a cleaner, better world. Driven by an ethical ethos to protect animals, these vegan trainer brands have put the environment at the top of their priority list as well.

As a result, the number of reliable labels that make vegan trainers continues to rise.

Here are three brands royals and and celebrities worldwide seem to love.

1. NAE Vegan Sneakers

wardrobe of tomorrow NAE vegan trainers

NAE, which stands for ‘No Animal Exploitation’, is a Portuguese vegan trainer brand promoting fair and animal-friendly products that respect the environment. All of the brand’s products are locally-made by expert artisans.

Furthermore, the primary choice of material is of natural origins such as cork, pineapple, recycled car airbags, PET plastic bottles, and other eco-friendly microfibers.

wardrobe of tomorrow NAE vegan trainers 2

Consequently, NAE is one of our favourite vegan trainer brands. There are two particular reasons for that.

Firstly, NAE puts an emphasis on the use of natural and eco-friendly materials, as well as on the wellbeing of people that create such amazing pieces of footwear.

Simple, exquisite, reliable and comfortable – no wonder celebrities wear them with pride.

2. Flamingos’ Life Vegan Trainers

wardrobe of tomorrow Flamingos’-Life vegan trainers 2

Flamingo’s Life is a Spanish footwear label, retailing in major cities across the US and Europe.

At first glance, some compare them to Veja, however, Flamingo’s Life designer denies the comparison.

Additionally, to the designer, Flamingo’s Life is a truly vegan label with a wide range of vegan trainers. It doesn’t just have a few products here and there for greenwashing purposes – big thumbs up for that!

Launched in 2015, Flamingo’s Life had some teething issues regarding the quality and durability of their shoes. That is, if the Facebook reviews are to be trusted.

wardrobe of tomorrow Flamingos’-Life vegan trainers 3

Apart from ethical manufacturing, Flamingo’s Life ensures that with pair sold, two trees are planted via a project called Eden Reforestation.

Moreover, the brand uses recycled materials and ocean plastics in its products. So, doing good is at the heart of the company.

3. Ethletic Vegan Shoes

Advertised as ‘Fair. Vegan. Sustainable’, Ethletic is a German brand known for elegant and stylish vegan trainers.

Moreover, Ethletic was the first brand to be awarded the ‘Quality Label for Fair Trade‘. Subsequently, the company became a dedicated investor in improving the welfare and lives of their workers.

vegan trainers wardrobe of tomorrow 2 Ethletic trainers

Ethletic’s materials are sourced from fair trade farms and natural rubber certified by the FSC. As a result, this has made vegan fashion lovers obsessed with their shoes. They choose them for streetwear, casual and formal occasions.

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