Behind Catalina J Sustainable Fashion Label

Catalina J sustainable fashion label

In conversation with Catalina Jitaru, founder and designer of Catalina J – As we are at the beginning of a new decade, conversations about sustainability in fashion are hotter than ever.

A new generation of fashion designers is marching for a positive change, and finally, it feels like the time has come for the old wasteful, harming, and inconsiderate fashion to break.

However, the key to a positive change and thus a better world, is only in our hands by voting for conscious designers with our money and our choice of fashion.

But, it is difficult to find the perfect balance between doing good and being able to express your unique style. A style that matches with your individual self, that makes you feel empowered. Worry no more.

To help you make a mindful, considerate fashion choice, we have partnered with WTVOX Magazine in a new series of interviews with conscious fashion designers on Wardrobe of Tomorrow.

Fashion designers whose amazing stories and creative designs are a rich source of inspiration for us all, such as the story of Catalina Jitaru, founder and designer of Catalina J.

In this episode we’ll uncover Catalina’s secret in identifying more responsible and sustainable ways of creating fashion couture with original interpretations, and how she has turned the label into one of the most loved sustainable fashion brands to date:

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