Agents of Change

Resulting from co-founder’s extensive academic research into luxury consumer behaviour and emerging alternatives to fast-fashion, Wardrobe of Tomorrow is the world’s first marketplace dedicated exclusively to conscious fashion designers and their considerate creations for the contemporary context we live in: ethical, sustainable, free from gender discrimination and animal cruelty.

Together with their sparkling and passionate team, co-founders Laurenti Arnault and Rueen Amiriara aim to start a new chapter in fashion retail and shift the industry towards conscious consumption by causing a trickle-down effect, from luxury to premium and mass-market.

As the world’s first online marketplace dedicated exclusively conscious fashion designers with respect for people, animals, and the planet, Wardrobe of Tomorrow is positioning itself as the home of ethical, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly luxury creations.

Why Wardrobe of Tomorrow?

Consumption and display of fashion are innate to our human nature through their critical role in the formation of social hierarchies. The garments we wear allows us to define our place in a social structure; the group we belong to, the position we hold.

With the knowledge that future generations will carry on consuming fashion at an even faster rate – with an enormous impact on animals and the environment – Wardrobe of Tomorrow was conceived with three key goals at its core:

  • Cruelty-free Fashion
    • Long gone are the days of living in caves covered in animal skins and animal cruelty has no place in contemporary fashion. To further achieve such goal, we support and donate to Cruelty-Free International in support for their global campaign to end testing on animals.
  • Sustainable Fashion
    • To end the use of plastics and other highly polluting petroleum-based materials in the fashion industry. We’re in the 21st century, an age of innovation and technological marvels and times of smart, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free materials that nurture and protect the environment, rather than destroying it.
  • Conscious Fashion
    • To shift the public’s attitude to a more compassionate, judgment-free, and ethical approach to fashion. And if we’ve managed to achieve any of these three goals through Wardrobe of Tomorrow, we’ve won; you, us, and this beautiful planet we call home.