Ephemeral Contradictions

Imagination-igniting and boundary-pushing through ‘unexpected fusions of every day and futuristic influences’, Marine Serre advances traditional conceptual boundaries of fashion in exquisite combinations of feminine silhouettes with angular sportswear styles and daring colour combinations of unexpected stylistic details.

Marine Serre’s hybrid fashion style of Islamic-infused motifs combines cultural influences and hidden social codes in an all-in game of passion and values, as reflected by the critically acclaimed “Radical Call For Love” collection – heavily influenced by the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels – which won the designer the LVMH Prize of 2017.

By morphing and transforming uncanny styles of mundane forms in dualities of high and low, couture and rubbish, priceless and worthless, MARINE SERRE reuses ubiquitous elements and re-proposes them in new approaches to enchant the world of fashion. To the designer, ‘every day is couture’.


Marine Serre Vision

Eco-friendly Luxury Fashion


Escape ecological crises, climate changes, and threats to modern civilisation with the help of Marine Serre’s reimagined luxury couture.

Philanthropy In Luxury Fashion


Giving back as the essence of Marine Serre’s unique world of possibility-pushing and imagination-igniting fashion.



Artistic creations from upcycled denim, scarves, duvets, picnic blankets as conscious reactions to the relentlessness of the fashion industry.

Artisanal Luxury Fashion Icon


Ethically-made stylistic wardrobes that continually morph and mutate into the eco-futuristic fashion couture of tomorrow.