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Contemporary fashion customers are looking for designers that have not only style and quality, but also ethical values and common sense. Conscious fashion designers and their considerate creations, relevant in the modern world we live in: ethical, sustainable, free from gender discrimination or animal cruelty.

Wardrobe of Tomorrow, as the world’s first marketplace dedicated exclusively to conscious fashion designers, is the only marketplace you can call home.

Welcome Home

It is your time! Conscious fashion designers, the time has come to take centre stage. Being cruelty-free and eco-conscious are your most substantial assets. This is your moment, seize this unique opportunity and stand out from the crowd; you are the future of fashion and your creations are the Ultimate Luxury!

Let’s Make History Together

Wardrobe of Tomorrow is the world’s first marketplace dedicated exclusively to conscious fashion designers from all over the world and their cruelty-free and sustainable luxury fashion creations. Best part? You too might be eligible to become part of this exclusive family of conscious luxury fashion labels.

If your application is accepted, our team of branding experts will construct a dedicated brand profile page and your very own shop, for increased brand awareness and visibility. You’ll also benefit from free marketing campaigns, periodic featuring on WTVOX Magazine, access to our extensive network of media partners and all associated social media accounts, free advertising support, and preferential prices through our global network of social media influencers.

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