Relaxed Silhouettes

Resulting from an unexpected but fascinating blend of mythological divinity tones with flavours of 20th-century environmentalist attitudes, Gaia & Dubos is a modern designer label that seeks to evoke a new type of conscious fashion by arousing emotions as much as by showcasing respect for the surrounding environment.

Gaia & Dubos’ unique, ethical, and high-end clothing and accessories are designed in Quebec, Canada by the designer herself, infused with moral values, and hand-made by local master artisans show that you too can have an impeccable style while upholding your moral values and peace of mind.

Inspired by Gaia, the goddess of the Earth, Gaia & Dubos remarkably elegant creations symbolise respect and equity towards the environment and humanity; unique sequences of life, meant to be admired, cherished, and loved, like good friends that accompany you in all chapters of your life.


Equity & Quality

Eco-friendly Luxury Fashion


Each Gaia & Dubos action respects the planet; from designer’s choice of raw materials to the delivery of the products right to your door.

Artisanal Luxury Fashion Icon


Gaia & Dubos clothing and accessories are designed and hand-crafted in Quebec, Canada, by a team of highly-skilled artisans.