Five Sustainable and Luxurious Dinner Outfits For The Best Of You

Five Conscious and Luxurious Dinner Outfits

Stuck for what to wear? We’ve g ot you covered, with our edit of dinner outfits.

Depending on who you are going to meet, or depending on the occasion, you might want to look different.

Whether you are going to a classy restaurant or an opera.

Here is a selection of dinner outfits, each with its own accents and mood, interesting and complex and harmonious.

Look 1. White and Luxurious

A complex mix of textures in this look makes it so interesting.

There is a colour rhythm between the cape and the clutch.

When the cape is on, the accent is on the shoes and when the cape is off, the accent shifts on the clutch.

Look 2. The History Lesson

A comfortable, yet elegant and playful look.

A drop of red on the boots will resonate nicely with the red on the dress.

You can wear a coat on the shoulders only.

Look 3: All Man-made

Why not be sporty for Christmas?

Especially, if you are celebrating it with your friends.

This look is made festive by the shining of the jacket and the beaded bag.

Look 4: Warm and Stylish

Warm colours and soft textures in this look are just so cosy and familiar.

On the other hand, the form of each piece is so well defined, so structured.

It keeps a necessary distance when you are at a business-related party.

Look 5: Free Spirit

The form of the dress and the coat are very loose, comfortable and they make a nice contrast of textures and colour.

We add the party mood by medium heel pumps and a shiny clutch.

Have a great Christmas party, wherever you go and whatever the looks you will choose.

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