Five Conscious Work Outfits For A Sophisticated Businesswoman

Conscious Designer Workwear Outfits

If you are running your own business or are involved in one in any way, your work outfits become very important.

You need to look put together and, well, businessy on most occasions.

And you would have to embed a certain message in your work outfits.

Like professionalism, maturity, expertise.

On such occasions, your clothes would imply a little less dramatism, futurism or extravagance.

If you’re wondering if it is possible to dress consciously and professional at the same time, we say YES.

Here are a few conscious work outfits we have put together for you.


Look 1: The Suit

Wear a suit. It can be printed, or it can be colourful.

What you have to pay attention is a correct suit form.

If you need a more conservative look, opt for a neutral suit.

If you are in a creative business environment, opt for a print, bright-coloured one.

Look 2: The Blazer

If a suit is too much, invest in a blazer

This is a simple trick to make you look more like a businesswoman, but still, keep you comfortable.

Look 3: Work Outfit With Straight Lines

Create straight, vertical lines, be it by print, a blazer or a buttoned-down shirt.

In this look, the heels create a vertical line along the lines on the bag.

And we have diluted the straight lines with a printed scarf.

Look 4: Style Mix Work Outfits

Do not wear 100% one single style.

Switch up your business look with a little bit of sport or drama or femininity.

This depends on the situation you are dressing for.

Look 5: Geometric Work Outfits

Opt for geometry in cut lines, prints, accessories. This way you’ll convey structure, order and clarity. But, remember to not overdo it! Let the dress show you are a soft and elegant woman.

Let us know which one of the looks you liked the most and are eager to try out on your next business meeting!

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