Five Amazing Vegan Handbags You’ll Love To Wear Right Now

wardrobe of tomorrow Vegan Handbags

Once again here to save the day with these five amazing vegan handbags!

Thanks to Stella McCartney and other cruelty-free designers, the demand for vegan handbags has gone up in a big way.

Without a doubt, a great looking handbag is a perfect accessory to any woman’s outfit.

But, if you are not a fan of sporting animal skins on your arm, don’t fret, there are plenty of alternatives for you to choose from.

In fact, a handbag made from ‘vegan leather’ will let you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ – pun intended.

First, save animals, second looking trendy and consciously chic.

For that, we’ve rounded up five most beautiful ethical, eco-friendly and vegan handbags, better than their animal leather counterparts.

1. Matt and Nat GESSI SM Clear Chili Vegan Handbag

wardrobe of tomorrow Matt and Nat Vegan Handbags

Driven by the motto “Live beautifully”, Matt and Nat stans for the appreciation of humanity, positivity, and creativity that is in us all.

Entirely vegan and free from animal products, the brand is gathering inspiration, hues, and textures from the mother nature.

Matt and Nat – MAT(T)terial and NATure is a label that uses a wide range of recycled materials in its products.

The brand uses cardboard, cork, rubber and nylon in their products as the founders have made a conscious decision not to use leather or other kinds of animal-sourced materials in any of their products.

Since 2007, the brand has stayed committed to the use of linings made from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

More recently, the brand has started to use recycled tires from bicycles in the new ‘repertoire’ of lining materials.

Our favourite vegan handbag from the Montreal based Matt and Nat’s label is the GESSI SM Clear Chili, a small satchel with double zip closure and made of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

2. Kayu Jen Straw Clutch with Turquoise Stone Vegan Handbag

wardrobe of tomorrow Kayu Vegan Handbags

From the Malay word “Kayu” which means “wood”, the brand was founded by Jamie Lim, a fashion lover raised in South-East Asia.

Surrounded by local, tradition-rich, artisanal crafts, Jamie began to seek inspiration in the classical arts since her childhood.

Conscious that these rare arts will disappear soon, she decided to explore new ways of preserving and presenting them to the world.

While based in California, Kayu still works with highly-skilled artisans rooted in their traditions.

The brand works with locals from the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to create handbags of beautiful blends.

It’s all about Californian designs with the rich diversity of South-East Asian craftsmanship.

wardrobe of tomorrow Matt and Nat Vegan Handbags 2

By not being built in soulless factories engaged in mass production of identical products, Kayu’s products are unique.

Made by small groups of families and friends – grandmothers, daughters, sisters, mothers and neighbours – preserving the rare art of close-knit bonding.

But most importantly, the label is vegan-friendly and sustainable at the same time, and all Kayu vegan handbags are created with natural materials such as ocean washed shells, straws, and wood.

We love Kayu and their exclusive, unique, and rare hand-made vegan handbags, especially their limited releases as it is the case of their Jen Straw Clutch with Turquoise Stone.

3. Wilby Alligator V Clutch Vegan Handbag

wardrobe of tomorrow Wilby Vegan Handbags

This U.K. based vegan handbag label seeks to spread kindness and compassion towards all living things, as a mark of a civilised society.

Founded in 2013, Wilby puts ethics and style at the core if its creations, catering for the consumers seeking to help the environment with every purchase.

Wilby uses only eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, recyclable cloth for lining, eco-friendly backing from cork leather, ensuring all its bags are approved by PETA.

Our choice for a vegan handbag from Wilby goes to the Alligator V Clutch.

Made from ultra-light sustainable croc skin-style cork with a deep compartment for storage, this is a bag that’ll make you stand out immediately!

4. JW PEI Ice Croc Fiona Vegan Handbag

wardrobe of tomorrow JW PEI Vegan Handbags.jpg

With a minimalist style somehow similar to Matt & Nat, JW Pei specialises in exclusive vegan handbags.

From high-grade polyurethane resin and ultra-fine microfiber bundles, these rare handbags gain natural patina and mimic the look of real leather.

The technology isn’t new, but JW Pei brings it to the world of vegan handbags now.

Soft, beautiful and durable, with a lining made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, the JW Pei Ice Croc Fiona Bag vegan handbag is a genuine statement of conscious luxury taste and fashion.

5. Lee Coren Wanderlust Rolltop Vegan Handbag

wardrobe of tomorrow Lee Coren Vegan Handbags

Lee Coren designs are the meeting point of two great sources of inspiration.

It is a breeze of the beautiful chaos of urban daily life mixed with the serenity and escapism of natural landscapes.

While all materials are sourced and produced locally and ethically, using cruelty-free, vegan-friendly materials, there’s much more to Lee Coren.

The brand supports safe and fair working conditions across its entire supply chain.

More importantly, the designs are original, playful, versatile and convertible.

Our favourite Lee Coren vegan handbag is the Wanderlust Rolltop, excellent for commute and travel.

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