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We are a small but enthusiastic team here at WTVOX Media, driven by a common goal: to protect animals and the environment, to end gender discrimination and child exploitation, to improve the lives of the underprivileged, all for a cleaner fashion industry and a better world.

For that, we are working tirelessly on two world-changing ventures. First, the WTVOX Magazine, our “let’s talk about conscious fashion and lifestyle” venture, through which we are producing passionate, high-quality daily content for our followers and web visitors.

Second, the Wardrobe of Tomorrow, our “let’s discover conscious fashion designers” platform through which we discover, curate, promote, and introduce you to the world’s most sustainable and cruelty-free fashion designers and their amazing creations.

But, while we are in love with what we do and hope you feel the same, changing the world is not easy. It takes a long time, sacrifices and lots of resources. Even if we are little, we still support and donate to Cruelty-Free International as part of the global campaign to end tests on animals.

And to grow stronger, we need your support. Even the smallest donation will help us continue to donate back, deliver relevant content, find, curate, and support conscious designers that also strive for a cleaner industry and a better world.

And if what we do resonates with you, we are grateful for any donation and your unceasing support.

To anybody who supports, or even considers supporting us monetarily, we thank you. We are deeeply grateful for your help as it is people like you that allow us to do what we do.