In a fashion industry plagued by pollution, excessive waste, and animal cruelty, sustainability and animal welfare are critical. Not only to the future of the fashion industry, but also to the survival of our species. While by construct Wardrobe of Tomorrow is fully sustainable, here are a few words about our approach to corporate responsability.

Environmental impact

Your fashion choice is the most powerful medium of expression and social conversation regarding our environmental impact. Conscious fashion choices help us reduce negative ecological footprints. Conscious fashion choices let us share our values with the world by the invisible language of fashion and here, at Wardrobe of Tomorrow, we make it as easy as possible for you!

While luxury fashion is built on the heritage of cultures, the ultimate luxury is built upon the greatest heritage of all; the legacy of mother nature. That is why we uncover, support, and promote the world’s most eco-conscious and cruelty-free fashion labels that design with sustainable materials that nurture the environment and preserve it for future generations.

Social Responsibility

Without people, there is no fashion. From those who make our clothes to the suppliers of materials used in our garments and from designers to employees and shoppers, we all depend on one another. It is a symbiotic circle where we all have equal rights to fair wages, safe working conditions and respect.

While it is the primary duty of governments to protect, respect, fulfil and progressively realise human rights, we know and believe that advocating human rights also starts with us. We can, and should, improve the lives of the people we touch.

Prosperity is tied to reciprocity, and our success as a society depends on how successful we are in providing jobs that promote diversity, support equality, and empower individual voices. We all are responsible for the creation of a positive environment that positively impact the people who depend on us, and the people others depend on.