Adelaide Carta

Adelaide C wardrobe of tomorrow

Sardinian flavours and fragrances, ‘green concoctions’ of rare Italian craftsmanship, cruelty-free materials and bold chromatic contrasts.

Alabama Chanin

Alabama chanin wardrobe of tomorrow

Elevated crafts and hand-sewn traditions, voiced as voluptuous conscious creations of mesmerising extravagance and style.


Altiir wardrobe of tomorrow

Quintessentially English luxury-lifestyle, contemporary creations, epitomised staples of stylish, timeless, and effortlessly cool designs.



Balluta on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Statements of sophistication and opulence imbued with adventurous, timeless and hypnotic spirits of extravagance and futuristic embodiments.


Blanlac vegan designer shoes

Signature capsules inspired by the overgrown gardens of northern Italy, refreshing bouquets of understated fragrances, elegance and opulent extravagance.

Blue Of A Kind

Blue Of A Kind upcycled luxury denim

Past is future. Uniquely hand-crafted luxury denim carrying the signs of time like bruises from the past; silent stories of wounds, scratches, and repairs.


Bode on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Unique, personalised, and reinvigorating stories of American fashion infused with narratives verging on the point of eccentricity.

Brooke Da Cruz

Brooke Da Cruz on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Aesthetically superb creations of metamorphosing versatility, blended with uplifting nuances of Australian luxuriousness and casual lifestyle.


Catalina J

Elaborated lines of craft and unparalleled artistic details, luxuriously infused with exceptional tailoring techniques, in a fresh reinterpretation of the graceful female body.

Celestino Couture

Celestino Couture conscious luxury designer

Strength, meaning, elegance. Exquisite styles of unparalleled eco-conscious beauty in a perfect marriage of traditional couture practices with innovative concepts.



Dzhus on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Nihilistic aesthetics surrounded by ascetic flavours, in architecturally precise elements that match the ‘crazy rhythm of modern life’.



Enda on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Blends of Japanese and American cultures breaking from mass-market trends and ‘conventional routines’ smoothed with profound socio-environmental activism.


Gaia & Dubos

Gaia & Dubos conscious designer fashion Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Sophisticated creations of unmatched seductiveness and emotional arousal, enhanced and adorned by eco-conscious forms, moral values, and ethical aesthetics.


Goldrad on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

High-end handbags of timeless designs consciously made in Switzerland, heralding a new era of accessories: ‘mindful vegan luxury’.


Happy Genie

Happy Genie on Wardrobe of Tomorrow

Sun-kissed apples to eco-friendly canvases from Firenze, the city of Renaissance and unmatched cultural richness, to hand-made designer bags from the artisans of Varese.



Forward-thinking and ‘sentimentally-infused’ collections that put ethics on par with elegance in constructs of liberating revolts against the established idea of luxury.


Jill Milan

Jill Milan luxury bags

All-vegan luxury handbags, graces of the Oscars, film premieres, and presidential inaugurations – favourites of A-stars, influencers, and socialites from all over the world.


Jota-Kena sustainable denim

Leader of ‘laid-back’ luxury couture – through unique denim creations of pure celebration of individuality, exceptional craftsmanship, and aesthetic charm.


La Llama

LA LLAMA fur-free designer coat

‘Nostalgia evoking’ creations for modern women that want to preserve femininity and elegance without compromising on their modern-casual lifestyles.

Livin' The Mad Life

Living the MAD Life upcycled vintage bags

Hand-painted rare creations of bright, colourful, and uplifting motifs, uniquely customised with meaningful touches of fashion and art.


Luckynelly vegan luxury bags

Avant-garde collection of time-honoured techniques and cruelty-free, sustainable blends that shape beautifully with time to age gracefully to perfection.


Marine Serre

Marine Serre sustainable luxury fashion

Imagination-igniting, boundary-pushing combinations of feminine silhouettes with angular styles, daring colour combinations and unexpected stylistic details.


Mashu vegan designer bag

Minimal silhouettes of ancient cultural heritage, history, and pride; ethically infused with love, care, and the rare expertise of talented Greek artisans.

My Sleeping Gypsy

Enchanting Ukrainian folklore superbly blended with Slavic heritage in contemporary influences connecting imaginary realms with the real world.



Nanushka conscious designer clothing

Effervescent confidence, easiness of style, subtle femininity and flair tastefully matched with an equally important ethos of eco-conscious, ethical values.

No One's Skin

No One's Skin vegan designer shoes

Refined creations tapping into the magic of uniqueness and the power of accepting the self by unlocking one’s deepest desires to love and be loved.



Osier vegan designer bags

Exquisite collections imbued with elegance, flair, artisanal craftsmanship, and superb fit, for the free-thinking, casual-luxury, chic-geeks of nowadays.



Pelush fur-free luxury clothing

Sophisticated, creative, and seriously glamorous creations as ideal fur-alternatives for contemporary women seeking to stand out while celebrating eco-conscious and cruelty-free.

Pierre Henry Bor

Pierre-Henry Bor vegan designer clothing

Star-loved luxurious vegan creations of hypnotising blends of medieval Rome and Renaissance, conferring wearers with majestic and dominating feelings.


RJ Gibson

R J Gibson designer vegan bags

Discover exquisite Scottish embroidery in handbags of outstanding indulgence depicting magnificent landscapes and glorious heritage.

Reve De Rive

Reve De Rive sustainable luxury swimwear

Inspirational designs exuding profound feelings of optimism, charisma, and confidence, meant to redefine holiday destinations the concept of ‘unforgettable woman’.


Rombaut vegan designer shoes

Blatant disregard for cultural stereotypes and cross-pollination of archetypal classics, in a world of purity and optimism aesthetics, relevant to contemporary context.

Robe De Voyage

Robe De Voyage conscious luxury resort wear

Blends of cultures and climates; calm coral shades of Zanzibar, rippling waters of East Africa’s coast, rich reds of Malabar, and calligraphic black and white of Kyoto.


Rungg vegan designer shoes

Mythological emblems of Asian history skilfully intertwined with threads of vibrant cultures, traditions, and ancient heritage, in patterns polished to perfection.



Shrimps cruelty-free designer fashion

Quintessentially British designer label reinterpreting contemporary culture through a humorous lens
of eccentricity, original patterns, and fun-filled designs.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney sustainable and cruelty-free luxury fashion

British sophistication, urban motifs, and conscious luxury; titanic collisions of natural and artificial, wasteful and carrying, haute-couture and ready to wear.


Taylor and Thomas

Taylor and Thomas vegan designer shoes

Fabulous blends of the 70s ‘freedom of expression’ with elevated tastes of self-actualisation, mindfulness, and unmatched luxury opulence.

The Savage - Sarah Regensburger

Sarah Regensburger The Savage sustainable luxury clothing

Breath-taking amalgamations of past traditions with present-day concepts, spurred by the world’s cultural diversity and compelling stories of our tribal nature.



Wuxly sustainable fashion brand

‘Live warm inside-out’ scientifically-backed superb jackets of edgy metropolitan patterns and contemporary stylistic combinations.


Zero Waste Karen Glass

Zero Waste Karen Glass upcycled and ethical designer clothing

Compelling narratives of luxury and culture intertwined in artisanal craftsmanship, ancient couture-making traditions and upcycled materials.


Zhivago conscious luxury clothing

Sophisticated creations of unmatched architectural symmetries and seductive blends that enhance and adorn the female forms with daring aesthetics.