Build Your Sustainable Summer Look With These Ethical Fashion Labels

So you wan t to create your own unique sustainable summer look but don’t know where to start.

No worries, we’re always here to help!

Before we start, let’s see why creating a ‘sustainable look’ is so important right now.

The pollution resulting from the global production of textile is an increasingly serious issue.

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry emits over 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year.

It is more than the CO2 emitted by the maritime shipping and international flights, combined.

It’s up to us how we deal with fashion’s negative impact on people, animals and the planet.

One powerful thing to do is to support the new wave of sustainable fashion labels.

It is, what the experts are calling, the awakening of the conscious designers and consumer.

Here is our exclusive edit of chic yet sustainable summer looks. ?

1. Edward Mongzar – Marble Dress

The first garment on our sustainable summer look comes from the ‘Edward Mongzar‘.

Sustainable summer look by Edward Mongzar

Edward Mongzar – Misty Marble Dress

Drawing inspiration from cultural diversity, Edward Mongzar was born in the state of Nagaland in north-east India and is now based in the UK.

Edward believes that womenswear should be soft and gentle, as well as freeing and liberating.

This is vividly recognisable is his work with marbling as an ultimate expression of the ‘live and let live’ idea.

The label brings back to life long-lost artisanal traditions of marbling.

Also, the ready-to-wear designer’s creations are handcrafted and ethically conscious.

The label uses natural dyes, recycles water, and uses fair production practices through a zero-electricity process.

Our recommended piece from ‘Edward Mongzar’ for your sustainable summer look is the ‘Misty Marble Dress’.

Hand-dyed in a ‘Misty’ design, this dress shouts:

Babes, you’re the queen of the beach!

2. Balluta – Sustainable Summer Mules

As part of a complete sustainable summer look, you’ll need shoes.

But, we know a brand that makes some of the best sustainable shoes out there.

Sustainable summer look by Balluta Shoes

BallutaPine Mules

Creatively led by Catarina Pedroso, a Portuguese artist and fashion designer, Balluta shoes are pure statements of any conscious look.

The Portuguese footwear label is vegan.

To respect the environment, Balluta beautifully blends sophisticated designs with eco and animal-friendly alternative materials.

For example, the vegan label has created its own PVC-free patent microfiber.

Also, the vegan designer shoes are made by local craftsmanship through fair trade practices, as the essence of the label’s conscious fashion ethos.

Our choice for a perfect sustainable outfit this summer is the brand’s Pine mules.

Set on comfortable block heels made from cork and lined in wood-sheet these mules are super comfortable.

Eye-catching, durable, and most importantly, sustainable, these are the best match for a conscious girl like you.

3. No Name Just People – Tote Handbag

Reformation is a Los Angeles based cruelty-free fashion brand that has taken five years to become a cult label for conscious fashion consumers.

According to the official website, the label is ‘making killer clothes that don’t kill the environment.’

Moreover, every Reformation apparel is designed in house and made from repurposed vintage clothing, salvaged deadstock, or innovative and sustainable materials.

As part of your sustainable summer look, you’ll need a cool vegan handbag.

Our choice goes to Reformation’s Moccian Antonia Purse.

By far, the most elegant choice for the sustainable cool image you are trying to construct.

Inspired by the Latin American culture, the Moccian Antonia Purse comes with a wristlet strap and drawstring closure that allows you a certain level of design modifications as well.

4. Gaia & Terra – Statement Necklace

5. Olivia + Prescott – Sustainable Swimsuit