Need for Change

Coming from an industry built on human exploitation, animal suffering, and irresponsible pollution, the garments we wear can no longer be called fashion.

There’s nothing fashionable in human exploitation or the killing of animals for garments and accessories.

There’s nothing fashionable in the pollution of the oceans and the poisoning of our planet.

Something had to change!

The Ultimate Luxury

Deep down, we all know that true fashion is sustainable, ethical, compassionate. Real fashion is a source of inspiration and creativity for the beautiful world we all live in, instead of a cause of destruction.

True designer fashion is mindful, with love for people, animals, and the planet, in a perfect balance of aesthetics, moral values, and innovation.

Fashion from conscious designers that fight to reduce greenhouse and CO2 emissions, environmental footprint, waste and pollution.

Conscious fashion designers that put people, biodiversity, and animal welfare at the core of their creations by sourcing sustainable materials, supporting local communities, ensuring the preservation of savoir-faire, heritage, craftsmanship, diversity and equality.

Conscious fashion designers who understand that the industry’s survival depends on preserving the most important heritage of all, the craftsmanship of mother nature.

Home of Conscious Fashion Designers

That is why we’ve created Wardrobe of Tomorrow, the world’s first marketplace dedicated exclusively to ethical, cruelty-free, and sustainable fashion. The home of forward-thinking fashion creators, with strong ethical values. Fashion visionaries, with respect for people, animals and the planet.

Following the path carved by WTVOX Magazine, a unique editorial media platform covering the future of fashion, Wardrobe of Tomorrow embarks on a long-term moral commitment towards the blue dot we call home.

A promise to respect and celebrate gender equality, individuality, and diversity in fashion, and an obligation to preserve the ecosystem and our biological heritage, for a cleaner, safer, and a better world.

Welcome to Wardrobe of Tomorrow, home of conscious fashion designers and their Ultimate Luxury creations.